Tuesday, 27 April 2010

We need to talk about Kevin

Turns out it's Harriet Harman's favourite book, if you can believe the Guardian Q&A.

It's a curious choice: interesting and provocative yes, but favourite ?  We read this at Book Group a couple of years back and it certainly provoked one of the most memorable group discussions.   Since motherhood is such a complex mix of emotions, challenges, expectation and baggage there were certainly descriptive moments which resonated and there was a lot to admire about it.  Ultimately however, even though some felt that the ending was redemptive, the dystopian view of motherhood failed to convince Bermondsey Mum and while I realise that we are talking about a work of fiction, I didn't feel that it was credible taken as a whole.  That's not to say that Bermondsey Mum believes motherhood to be all 'apple pie and roses' but as in all things, balance is important.

This could prove tricky since BM can now count Lionel Shriver as one of her neighbours but I think she can probably take it.

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