Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Book group

Bermondsey mum and friends met last night to discuss Damon Galgut's 'The Good Doctor'.  General consensus that it was readable, interesting subject matter but 'went' nowhere.   Numbers were low last night due to the ash cloud disruption so that members or members' spouses were stuck abroad/overseas and couldn't make it.  We meet every 5 weeks or so, usually Monday night, but not this time, and there is a fluid membership of about 9 or thereabouts.  Not all mums, we are a bit of a mixture (as you would expect in Bermondsey) including a Tailor, Picture editor, recruitment consultant, Teacher, Chef, former Solicitor, former Nurse, Art historian and Interior Design writer.
In case you are thinking that we might be a bit high brow - we're not.  The reading choices are made in a very haphazard way, choosing a book from award list nominations for instance or recommendations from friends, alternating with the occasional classic or Aga saga. 
If I'm honest, which Bermondsey Mum always is, I suggested setting this up over 3 years ago because I was going out of my mind with 2 children under 5 at the time.  We the members, mostly live within 5-10 minutes walk of each other,we rotate the hosting part and we generally don't meet before 8.30pm when children are safely in bed. 
I hoped and it has come to pass, that the Group would be a social and mildly intellectual outlet.  Socially, it has widened my group of friends so that I now have people who live nearby I can rely on and has led to sub-groups of Bermondsey Dad outings to the pub!  At some point I will publish our backlist of reading material.  In the meantime, if you are thinking of doing something similar where you live, my only advice would be DO IT NOW!

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