Monday, 26 April 2010

Chemical v. biological

I am reminded by a BM sibling that back in the day when we were the unpaid workforce growing our own vegetables etc, the patriarch of the family had no such namby-pamby qualms about pest control.  We weeded alongside as he sprayed all sorts of nasties onto the food we subsequently harvested and ate. (Bermondsey Dad thinks this explains a lot...)  Happily the only permanent effect (that Bermondsey Mum accepts) of that childhood experience, is a rock solid conviction that she will never grow another vegetable.  Soft fruit however, is another matter so having weighed up the options and the odds against her, BM will stick to the namby-pamby biological controls...for now anyway.

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  1. We ate a lot of scary chemicals back in the 70s and didn't give it a second thought! But just look at us now, we're fine, right?
    I love your son's photo of tower bridge by the way!