Wednesday, 21 April 2010

AA Gill in Buckingham

AA Gill went to Buckingham last week for the Sunday Times, to look at the contest between the Speaker John Bercow and the many other candidates who are now challenging him.  I would heartily recommend the complete article, highlights of which include his encounter with a Flipper the dophin mascot and this, on Nigel Farage, the UKIP candidate:-

"Farage is hearty, hale and seedy, in a blue checked suit and electric blue tie. He’s a man whose character has been formed by a thousand snug bars. He has that confidence that is the by-product of an enormous amount of alcohol and laughs often and loudly.

He also has breath that could club a baby seal to death. Even across his desk, every time something strikes him as funny there is a draught like Carnarvon opening a pharaoh’s tomb. The first rule of standing for parliament is: a toothbrush is not just for Christmas."


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