Thursday, 29 April 2010

Anti-cellulite knickers are pants

So says Which ? as reported today.  It disputes the claims made by some firms such as M&S which sell these undergarments in growing quantities, that they reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Two consultant surgeons and a dermatologist concluded that any tight underwear would have a similar effect.  To which Bermondsey Mum can only say " Well, duh...!" Of course that is the case, but confronted by a figure hugging dress, or worse, anything in jersey, where oh where is BM going to find normal underwear, however tight, that does the job and holds it all seamlessly in ?

As for the small print that Which? highlights for criticism, including the inclusion of aloe vera and caffeine in the fabric of these 'control' garments, well BM for one has never stopped to read any of that nonsense.  Because it is of course, nonsense:  a friend who worked for a global cosmetics company, told BM many years ago that the success of their bestselling anti-cellulite cream was almost entirely due to the fact that it contained small quantities of tanning agent and we all know that slightly tanned (with cellulite) thighs look oh so much better than pasty, alabaster ones.

So you see, we know it's all pants but everyone likes to look good - even if that is only true when fully clothed. 

UPDATE NB. Just to clarify, 'control' undergarments are just that - never, under any circumstances to be seen in the boudoir (think Bridget Jones and shudder....).   

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