Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Losing (and finding) a look

Bermondsey Mum always struggles at this time of year to work out what is her look - a dilemma shared by Polly Vernon at the Observer who wrote about this a few weeks ago.  There's the first sign of trouble you see; Bermondsey Mum turns her attention to the issue on the first day of proper Summer weather, whereas Polly for all her worrying was already ahead of the game !

Even so, Polly's prescription (new shoes) doesn't help BM since of the suggested purchases, only one would be vaguely possible (the Pierre Hardy wedges for Gap) and even then only in a fantasy life which did not involve school pickups, housework, gardening etc.  As for cage sandals and peep-toe boots...I don't think so.

It's an intractable problem because beyond a certain age (no point being coy, BM is 44), the risk of looking ridiculous far outweighs the need to be 'on trend'.   For example, BM has already been through the leggings with oversized T-shirt look, jumpsuits, ra-ra skirts and combat trousers, all of which first time around, she managed to persuade herself at the time, she rocked !   

But that's the issue:  without sounding even more ancient that I am, fashion now just seems derivative and not of some early 20th century era but the 1980's for heavens sake ! So there we are, BM's fashion dilemma...can't do cage sandals/leggings/ra-ra skirts and not yet ready for the M&S range of elasticated waist trousers and skirts.  


  1. Dilemmas!! What about the Cougar town look ;-)

  2. Phew, not even going to go there, also not sure whether Bermondsey Dad could cope !