Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fox news

Out leafletting this morning (for Bermondsey husband) and came across a gaggle of photographers and what looked like a camera crew outside Millenium Square apartments in Shad Thames.  As I elbowed my way through to stuff the letterboxes, I discovered that I had stumbled upon a crime scene!  Liam Fox, Shadow Defence Secretary (Con) had been burgled and somehow or other, national and local press were alerted and were there to witness the evidence gathering operation.  So much for Police confidentiality...not that I have that much sympathy for Dr Fox; the Plod also seems to have leaked that it was 'opportunistic' - which translates as 'someone left a door or window open..'

Anyway, having been burgled ourselves just over 2 years ago, I have some sympathy for the hapless Dr Fox and if Bermondsey Mum's experience is anything to go by, today will mark the high point of Police activity on the issue.   We, and I include the Police in this, all tacitly accepted that we would never find out who had done this and the best advice was to improve our security and make a claim on our home contents insurance.
Apart from the form filling, I'm not sure that the Police made any further enquiries into it -  not exactly 'The Bill' then.  

However, Bermondsey Mum's home is now a model of security and a bit of a fortress actually, in as much as I often find I can't get in myself!

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