Monday, 19 April 2010

Leave my OFM alone!

Sarah Brown is by all accounts a clever woman who is also known to be normal, so why oh why, did she agree to the OFM cover and story in yesterday's Observer? Maybe if it had been covered 6-12 months ago, I would be less cynical but seriously, nothing about it worked for me. She did not look like an authentic gardener and nothing about the article (however well written) or the photos indicated to me that she is the one who has gotten her hands dirty in that garden. It was pristine for goodness sake, as was she. And for someone who as I mentioned gives a good impression of being normal, normally, she appeared wooden and ill at ease in the photos. I won't even mention the clothes. So what did this say to me? It was over-done, too well choreographed and therefore because it lacked credibility and given the backdrop of difficult polls etc looked like a slightly desperate stunt. Because we like Sarah and we are supposed to believe that she gardens etc, we should vote for Gordon? This is what makes me really crazy! Don't they get it ? Is it a sign of just how disconnected they have become from real voters and the overwhelming mood for change, that they would continue to patronise us like this?

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