Friday, 30 April 2010

The Liberal moment has come

The Guardian declares for the Liberal Democrats:-

"Citizens have votes. Newspapers do not. However, if the Guardian had a vote in the 2010 general election it would be cast enthusiastically for the Liberal Democrats. It would be cast in the knowledge that not all the consequences are predictable, and that some in particular should be avoided. The vote would be cast with some important reservations and frustrations. Yet it would be cast for one great reason of principle above all.

After the campaign that the Liberal Democrats have waged over this past month, for which considerable personal credit goes to Nick Clegg, the election presents the British people with a huge opportunity: the reform of the electoral system itself. Though Labour has enjoyed a deathbed conversion to aspects of the cause of reform, it is the Liberal Democrats who have most consistently argued that cause in the round and who, after the exhaustion of the old politics, reflect and lead an overwhelming national mood for real change"

Read the complete editorial here.


  1. I was away last weekend with a friend who is a sub-editor at the Guardian. All staff were called in to a room last Friday and asked to vote on which party the paper should back - all staff had an equal vote. He said that this made him feel as if he'd never be able to work for another publication, as only the Guardian would operate like this.

  2. I just noticed that the Economist is formally backing the Conservatives - mainly because they think that government has become too big. They do a balanced article about the good which Labour has done - minimum wage, hospital building etc. They also mention Children's Centres and what a great idea they have been!