Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Where is Gideon Oliver (George) Osborne ?

Bermondsey Mum has noted the lack of coverage of the man who would be Chancellor in 3 days time and she is not alone.  The Mole  suggests that if is he is indeed locked in a cupboard with no media access in Tory Central Office, it may be something to do with the fact that he is not the most popular choice for Chancellor with either the great unwashed public or indeed, the people he has courted so assiduously, the City men.   No, it seems that the City men want Ken Clarke.  More interestingly, hardly any of the mainstream media (MSM) has enquired about Mr Osborne's whereabouts: no quotes on the Greek meltdown, the fragility of the Euro - nada.  It's as if they are maintaining a radio silence in enemy territory - " if we don't mention GO, then perhaps people will not notice that he is singularly and spectacularly unprepared to deal with the greatest financial crisis facing the country since at least the 1930's".

Where's George Osborne ? Someone should start a Twitter meme....

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