Friday, 28 May 2010

I love the inter-tubes!

Let joy be unconfined!  Sometimes a plan comes to fruition and so it is with great delight that I can relay what BM has been hatching over the past couple of weeks.

Readers may recall that BM is Chair of Govs at a Nursery & Children's Centre and we are due to have our annual Bermondsey Summer Fete in July.  Sensible Footwear initially drew my attention to Old Town and their gorgeous fabric 'Bermondsey in Bloom' as a result of which and after some enquiries, we are now in a position to display that lovely fabric at the Centre during the Fete; along with the Pearly King & Queen sing-along, Punch & Judy show etc and in return we are sending to Old Town some fabric designed by the children when we re-opened as a Children's Centre in the heart of Bermondsey.  Roll on July 17th!

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