Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bermondsey Mum's first ever demo!

Yesterday's post about DC at the City of London Academy, was only half the story, readers.  Spotting the camera crew at COLA alerted BM to his imminent arrival and led to a blog-led flash mob event!  It was the most hysterical fun Bermondsey Mum has had in a while, made even more surreal by the arrival of Boris on his bicycle.   And all captured by Sky News and Bill Neely for ITN.  Fortunately BM is not recognisable in any of the pictures, obscured as she was by large Liberal Democrat boards. 

The Tory advance guy seemed bemused and ever so slightly irritated by our appearance.  Bermondsey Mum suspects this was his first and possibly only visit to this part of SE1; he seemed much more an SW1 type, close cropped haircut, very nice suit and brogues which had been buffed to a military-quality shine.   Best quip of the event goes to Gary Glover "We got posh cars too you know!" as our Mercedes minibuses arrived with re-inforcements!   

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  1. Hi BM

    As always only a few mins to myself. Cant believe the politcal life is over for you guys! Love the Blog!


    Lili in Mayo