Thursday, 6 May 2010


For the uninitiated, not a new TV station but the Get Out The Vote effort, which started at approximately 5am and will go on until 10pm.      Bermondsey Mum has been involved in this in one way or another over 8 different election campaigns.  Long ago, when she was a civilian enjoying normal recreational activities, she could not have imagined what a campaign involves, culminating in the GOTV.  Civilian is a careful choice of word, because the effort is run with a military style efficiency (in that sometimes it is well resourced and others, not so much) and planned well in advance.  For BM, the final push on Election day, GOTV is the most nerve-wracking of all.

Back in HQ as teller slips are analysed and volunteers deployed to 'knock up' recalcitrant voters (not what you think), everything tends to run smoothly until the after work surge between 7-10pm.  At that point all of your assumptions about what is 'safe' or not disappear as frantic number-crunching goes on and tactical decisions are taken about where to deploy the 'knock up'.  

Still, the airwaves are mercifully clear of electioneering today and one way or another it will all be over this time least for 6 months or so.

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  1. Wish you well tonight and into the future BM.
    You must be exhausted. Good Luck from Kath