Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My Big Society

BM has been grappling with an unexpected dilemma - she has been asked to take over as Chair of Governors in a primary school, in addition to her role (also voluntary) as a Chair of Governors at a Nursery School & Children's Centre.  Whilst flattering, methinks this vividly illustrates just how shallow the pool of talent for school governance actually is. 

Having deployed similar tactics myself in order to persuade good candidates to get involved in school governance, I recognise all too well the assurances given that this will not take up too much time, only 2 meetings per term etc.  However, despite reservations and with the caveat that I do not know how long I can commit to, flattery won once more into the breach or something like that.  Updates to follow as the full extent of the commitment is revealed.

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  1. Did you really? Good news for the school then!