Friday, 7 May 2010

Dazed and confused

What does it all mean ? BM's not sure but then she's in good company.   To some extent the debate over whether this represents a return to parliamentary rather than 'presidential' style elections, is academic.   Real people, some of them friends, lost seats.

Of the Lib Dem losses, BM is particularly grieved for Evan Harris (Oxford West & Abingdon), who is a decent man who has taken principled stands on unpopular causes - maybe that's what did for him in the end - unaccompanied children at Yarl's Wood detention centre do not have a vote.  I wonder if the new Tory MP will care so much about their wellbeing.  

On a brighter note, here in Bermondsey & Old Southwark, despite a vicious nasty campaign fought by Labour, targetting race and immigration issues, Simon emerged with his best ever result!    Once again, Bermondsey defies stereotypes about its voter profile and shows that a good man who has also fought some unpopular causes, can win and win big.

The Council seat count starts later today...let's hope for a clearer outcome to that.


  1. I hope Nick Clegg makes the right decision as too who he will form an alliance with. Not only for England but for the future of his party's dignity. I think he should side with the left as that is where the majority vote has really gone if you add up the Lib Dem and Labour percentages. By far the fairer alliance. I think he may damage the Lib Dems if he goes with Cameron.

  2. Saw Simon last night on election coverage - he was v good - came across as v steady... whereas Teresa May just came across as the type of bossy woman who might be in charge of a village fete.. and as for trying to take the high ground.. loved the way mandelson put her down whilst looking with disdain at the always over-aggressive (and rude) Jeremy Paxman.