Monday, 10 May 2010

How we're doing

Not too bad as it turns out.   A combination of shock and sleeplessness led to a very topsy-turvy couple of days.  There have been tears and hugs and this evening a meeting of the local party to debrief which was also emotional with warm tributes paid to B husband who has now resigned as leader of the LibDem group.   He's right that after 10 years, and for renewal to take place, it's for someone else to take over.     It felt like coming home, walking in there tonight because it is a shared sadness and we were among friends.

Non-political friends have been very kind and as with a bereavement, kindness is something which penetrates one's defences.   It's much easier to handle indifference.   But friends understand how much we had invested in politics and Southwark and understand the consequences of such a brutal repudiation, however legitimate.

Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows her, BM (who has a touch of the Lady Macbeth about her) finds it difficult not to be bitter about the ingratitude whereas B husband is pragmatic.  He prefers to see it as 8 years in which he gave it his all, changed things for the better and it was a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve.  

So, Monday looms and that means reality bites.  Turns out there are a lot of unemployed lawyers/politicans so better make a start on the CV.

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  1. Dont despair BM! People, pundits, voters and non voters alike are a fickle bunch. If its not B husband, then it will be someone else. Cheer up, this disappointement will subside and things will get better. Mister Mayor.