Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mid-summer or mid-life crisis ?

Whether it's because BM is in the middle of a life-changing event or that mid-Summer approaches or that she is simply mid-life, thoughts stray to more carefree times, when all that mattered was where we were going on Saturday night/the weekend, how we would get there and what we would wear.  The 'we' referred to are the BM siblings and extended family (we travelled in packs - you know who you are).  Long before meaningful relationships (other than friendships), or mortgages or life insurance or regular food shopping...actually long before Festivals became fashionable events.

Anyway for reasons which are difficult to explain, BM finds herself reminded of those times by the only man she has stood/danced/waded through mud to see/worship/sing along with .....the Boss.

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