Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A terrible beauty ?

So the political landscape has changed in a matter of hours.  Although one could say that an objective analysis of the general election result meant that this was the only likely option to emerge, it's still rather astonishing...and however exciting, carries risks for both parties.  The taunt flung at LibDems was always that their policy agenda was fantasy, that a vote for them and and their policies was wasted because the reality was they would never have a chance to implement them  - and now they have!

For an area like Southwark, the benefits could be substantial; a pupil premium for our schools will mean more teachers and smaller class sizes, raising the tax threshold to £10,000 will make a significant difference to the levels of deprivation endured by a section of our society often overlooked, (the working poor) and if the constitutional policies are as we think they are, well it looks like a good start.

BM can't pretend to like David Cameron or George Osborne but I do like the idea of their policies being tempered by Lib Dems such as Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.   And in the end people go into politics to have an opportunity to govern and make a difference and they would not have been forgiven for failing to make a decision to govern.  

Meanwhile, the cuts which have to be made, however tempered or softened by LibDems, will be done through local authorities up and down the country stuffed full of newly elected Labour councillors, backed by the Trades Unions.  It would have happened anyway even with a Labour government but now the lines have been clearly drawn.  Those Labour councils owe the unions their election so how are they going to implement the cuts to their budgets ?  However it's done whether by losing public sector jobs or jacking up Council Tax or both, they will take every opportunity to blame the Tory/LibDem government for their own incompetence, dishonesty and failures of leadership.

We live in interesting times.  Alls changed, changed utterly...


  1. Hi BM I agree that it is great for the Lib Dems to finally enter a government. However I agree with both the historian and economist on Sky News they are chalk and cheese and I fear that DC has issued the Lib Dems with a poisen chalice. I for one have radically reviewed my political persuation as a centre left believer to further left. It has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and I am sure thousands of others, that the Lib Dems chose to go with the Tories.

  2. You're not alone. I thought that this comment on LibDem Voice was good:-

    "… as students of political systems where balanced parliaments are the norm, we are well aware that junior partners of coalitions are typically punished at the ballot box. The fact that this government will have to preside over the toughest deficit reduction spending round in decades makes this look even more likely. … Of the 57 MPs who unanimously endorsed this plan early this morning, most did so in the knowledge that there is a strong possibility they were voting for their own political annihilation.

    But overall, the deal looks like it is a good one, and a liberal one. If we can make this of all coalition governments work, then the case against hung parliaments – and thus one of the strongest arguments against electoral reform – will have been destroyed. I worry for my party, but am immensely proud of it this morning."

  3. Place you're bets...this marriage will be over in 12 months or less! Mister Mayor

  4. I expect the odds are quite high for that in most of the betting offices.
    Lets see if they proove us wrong. Good to hear this morning that there is a high percentage of Lib Dems expected to get Junior positions in the cabinet. Probrably therefore laising more closely with higher echelons civil servants who lets face it are the true government in our jaded political system.
    You should browse the social networks the debate this has all caused is phenonmenal x