Monday, 10 May 2010

Starting over

So....slightly weird day; some people know, some don't, most don't care either way.    Which is true of any life-changing personal event I suppose.   Life goes on.

Even though it may seem ridiculous to some, I rank this event in our lives in a similar category to the death of my mother quite suddenly and without warning 11 years ago, in that from now on life will be measured before and after. 

Over the past 8-10 years, I have gradually grown used to the loneliness of evenings without B husband.  Initially it was a source of resentment but having given up trying to do it all and jacked in the career, life was at least less hectic and I became used to fitting our family life, including weekends, around Southwark.  In addition,  even though I am not even a party member, I found myself regularly fielding questions ranging from housing difficulties to dog mess in the parks...not sure it was ever my problem but it's certainly not from now on.

So all change, new beginnings, exciting and a bit scary.  Feels like that's the message writ large nationally as well but we shall see. 

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  1. You will be fine I am sure you are two very talented people. I am sure you will both have new careers very soon x Glad you feel more optimistic than your earlier post. There is always a reason that things happen, boy do I know that from some of the hideous experiences I have had to endurex Take care and if you want a coffee and a chat I am always available. Hugs Pascale