Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekend in Rye

Some time ago, possibly February, when she realised that Friday 19th June was an INSET/day off school BM suggested a little weekend away for all the family and after some research, bearing in mind she is the motorist in the family, we settled on Rye in Sussex.  Lots of interesting historical places to see, bookshops to visit, olde worlde streets, castle turrets and a beach at Camber nearby. 

This is a picture of Mermaid Street which dates back to the 16th century.

So off we went on Friday morning, car packed as if we were leaving for a fortnight prepared for every eventuality and just as well too.  Rye and Camber did not disappoint but predictably enough, the weather was our biggest challenge and we spent the weekend chasing sunny spells and avoiding thundery downpours.  The only disappointment in fact was leaving the beach (pictured below) and cutting short our kite-flying to return to the accommodation in time to watch the England game on Friday evening...we should have stayed at the beach.

B husband may mock BM and her Thermos flask of coffee, sandwiches in foil etc but what the picture doesn't tell you is just how cold it was - fleece and coat cold, so the instant picnic was very welcome.   

The other forgotten consequence of a day spent walking the beach whilst leaning against the wind is utter exhaustion so that the children slept soundly without argument both nights, although BM was more or less ready for sleep at around the same time. 

Lots of things we didn't do this time but that means that there's plenty more to look forward to for another visit and it's close enough for a day trip!

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