Saturday, 5 June 2010

A sultry afternoon at the Waldorf

My best friend has multiple sclerosis diagnosed ,I realised today, 13 years ago.  Over the years she has endured a great deal, heroically in my view, when I know that I would have retreated in ever decreasing circles to safety and comfort.   So anyway, this is only by way of background to explain that when she told me that she and my god-daughter, as well as her husband and friend/helper were coming to town today to see a matinee production of Cinderella at the Royal Opera House, I thought I would take my daughter along to meet them afterwards.  Our girls are the same age and love spending time together. 

Central London bars and restaurants do not invite, indeed positively discourage, the less able-bodied into their having wandered along Drury Lane for a few minutes feeling increasingly depressed about our options, my friend had an inspired idea and suggested the lobby of the Waldorf (pictured below).

Out of the sultry London heat, we were conveyed by a lovely doorman to the air-conditioned lobby seating area, within easy reach of loos for the able and  less able amongst us.    What bliss and the girls had a great time twirling in the red armchairs just about visible above.   It was cool, elegant -  there was a pianist playing show tunes (but softly) and I had a lovely refreshing cup of tea.  After we had caught up, cooled down and the girls had played, we stepped back out into the heat, refreshed.  Although...I have to admit that I regret not joining my friend and her assistant in a glass of fizz, but then I had a bus journey with a 6 year old to negotiate afterwards so sobriety was best.  Maybe next time....    

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