Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Sunday markets

It's years since I last walked through East London on a Sunday morning so when our friend Kyle suggested a guided tour last week, everyone in BM's household was enthusiastic.  We got the 78 over to Aldgate and then walked up Petticoat Lane (sorry no photo!) first.  O was initially a bit reluctant since like most 9 year old boys, he doesn't 'get' shopping of any kind, let alone browsing.  However, never one to miss a Doctor Who opportunity, he quickly spotted that he might be able to pick up a tweed jacket from one of the secondhand/vintage stalls and shops and brightened considerably as we went on.
Next stop was Spittalfields which was a revelation to me since I had not been there since the renovation. (All of the photos which follow come from East London guide websites, since I forgot to take our camera along...hopeless, I know!)

BM was very impressed and Kyle our expert guide, remarked that it had expanded even since he lived in the area up until June last year.  The children loved one of the stalls which sold small packs of hard pellets which absorb water and expand to become mini-balloons, which you can use in a vase.   The market is open all day Sunday now instead of just the morning although, we found that whilst it was comfortable to get around at 11ish when we arrived, it was much busier later on at 3.30pm on our way back.

Next, Kyle guided us through the streets along to 

More rooting around vintage shops and O found a very smart hat, which the initials 'H K' inside.  Wonder who he was ?  Had a delicious bagel from the Beigel Shop and Granny joined us.  From there we walked on to Colombia Road Flower market.

BM found a replacement for her prize dahlia 'Bishop of Llandraff' which perished in the sub-zero temperatures over Winter.  Small quibble  - why would anyone wish to walk down the centre of Colombia Road pushing a bike with panniers, when it's quite possible to do so along the pavement either side?  
 J was fascinated by the flower mosaics on the wall made by children at the local Primary school.

And then it was time for a drink and some lunch so we had a treat back at Spittalfields in a cafe called 'The Luxe'.

From there it was but a short hop to the bus stop and the 78 home again.  Perfect day really.
So, for having the idea in the first place, talking and walking us through it, not to mention carrying J some of the time on your shoulders, a big Thank You to Kyle!

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