Wednesday, 30 June 2010

London Assurance....a review

My admiration (possibly small crush) for Fiona Shaw has been mentioned before.  Granny, who is a dynamic pensioner and theatre afficionado, saw London Assurance last week and enjoyed it very much.  She then went on to read my Normblog profile and being a generous sort, queued and booked tickets at some ungodly hour yesterday so that BM could attend the last night  - last night.  

Readers, what can I add to the plaudits afforded by much more eminent reviewers?  Not much except to say that it was a complete HAMFEST of the best kind!  FS and Simon Russell Beale were clearly having a blast and Richard Briers was terrific as the mild-mannered, Adophus 'Dolly' Spanker.   Maybe it had something to do with it being the final performance I suppose, but all of them seemed to throw caution to the wind and in final few scenes, displayed some energetic dance moves.

But back to FS & SRB, both of whom in their turn made their characters sexually ambivalent with hilarious consequences.  I was not familiar with the playwright, Boucicoult prior to last night but now understand why he was a star in his day.  One can easily imagine this playing to rowdy, raucous 19th century playhouses.  

Loved it, love them, a good night out!

(Picture:Tristram Kenton)

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