Monday, 14 June 2010

Bermondsey Carnival

BM and family had a lovely afternoon on Saturday in Southwark Park.  The reminiscence project run by the Friends of Southwark Park was really interesting and I have been trying to find out whether there is a permanent link to it online.  The video presentation with stories from Blitz survivors and older residents with their memories of the park were interspersed with photographs of VE day celebrations in Thornburn Square and surroundings and were very moving.  I can't believe they will simply archive it, so updates and links to follow as I discover more.

There were lots of stalls commemorating the Blitz spirit (dancing, grow your own veg etc) and J was thrilled that she got a photograph of Barnaby Bear (ours for the weekend) wearing a gas mask.

Also enjoyed the food, old fashioned funfair (although it seemed to be more expensive this year) and of course the entertainment.  Special shout out to Nigel of Bermondsey for the whole set but especially the terrific singalong with the Pearly King! 

Although we didn't stay for all of the acts, we did catch some of Stacey Solomon's act.  She has a powerful voice and I sincerely hope she goes on to great things.  Speaking in between songs, she reminded me a little of a female Frank Spencer but she has a certain naive charm which seems entirely natural.   Small confession, we voted for her on the last series of X-Factor - our first season watching it and we were completely sucked in!


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