Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Over the past several weeks, this has been steadily reducing.  Long archived material has had to be retrieved, refreshed and re-loaded.  Quite a bit of it turned up at the same time so now, BM feels like it's so crowded in there that finding any detail on demand is tricky.  Some stuff just stubbornly refuses to emerge because so many files have suddenly been re-loaded at the same time.  The brain is a complex organ, no?  It's not like we can buy some more memory, is it?  (Don't be fooled by that casual IT reference there, and for pity's sake don't ask me to explain it).

So what's to be done?   I could try simply ditching extraneous stuff.   BM's version of juggling - but dropping the balls.  As in resigning as Chair of the children's centre.  What does that tell you about working mums and the Big Society?   Also cleaning but at least it's possible to delegate that to someone else, a no-brainer.   So far, so small stuff.    Space as I said,  is limited.  The big stuff will have to wait.

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