Friday, 21 January 2011

The Tweet Mirror

Just as I was thinking that Mary's new programme just wasn't up to the standard of the previous offerings, she goes and does something quite wonderful and surprises me!   Like every other piece of technology that has come along, I found myself thinking, "well of course, I'm just amazed it hasn't been done before".  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the tweet mirror.  Seriously, if I were a teenage girl again, I think I would wet myself with the sheer fun of it!

Judge for yourself if you haven't yet seen the show.  And BTW, like I say you could easily skip most of the first two thirds of the show .  All quite depressing stuff about people shopping for cheap disposable fashion in cheap disposable places with cheap disposable shit sherlock, for who knows what reason, people are prepared to put up with it. 

But then, when it seems a bit repetitive and hopeless, she pulls a rabbit out of the hat -  the tweet mirror.... and I'm telling you, the woman is a genius!  That mean little guy in charge of Pilot wasn't giving anything away at the end but you just knew that he wasn't about to shell out the best part of £1m if he hadn't already seen some pretty amazing results.  Mary Rules! 

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