Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Familiar faces

We had a Book Group Christmas get together on Monday evening and it was a really good evening and oddly comforting, in a way I didn't expect.  One of the joys of the evening was spending time in the company of familiar friendly faces, which made me realise that I had been missing that aspect of daily life in the routine of journey, work, journey, B husband and children.  I miss my friends.   Which makes my existence over these 3 weeks or so sound a bit miserable, which it hasn't; just a bit intense I suppose.  But that's inevitable and is why I wish, I wish I could fast-forward 3 months or so when everything and everyone is more familiar.    Not that I want them to be my friends, at least I don't expect that to happen. 

Some other random realisations in no particular order:-
  • As a Solicitor and mother/woman in her forties, I am no longer part of the 'young' crowd at work;
  • Staff Christmas parties are therefore to be endured rather than enjoyed;
  • My age shows in my degree of sartorial formality;
  • I may have fussed a bit too much about the clothes before I started;
  • Apart from the gnawing insecurity, (whisper it) I think I am enjoying the challenge;
  • Marks & Spencer, Moorgate is offering joints of Lamb & Beef half-price (and BM loves a bargain)  
  • I need a cleaner/wife
So back to book group - well, we are evolving, but then that's life I suppose, nothing stands still - it's either going backwards or forwards and I know which one I want.

More thoughts from the frontline to follow.

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  1. Definitely get a cleaner. Life is so much more civilised when you don't have to spend your 'free' time fretting about the hoovering. I'm finding lots of ways to economise right now, but many many things will have to go before I give up the cleaner.

    PS/ Merry Xmas. Glad the new job is working out. If it's any consolation I haven't been part of the 'young' crowd at work since approx 2002.