Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reach for the stars

To BM, the Shard is one of the most exciting, invigorating sights in the skyline over spies confirm that the concrete core has now reached its peak at 88 floors and from here upwards it will be steelworks and glass.  I am an unapologetic speaks to me of optimism and confidence and SE1 showyoffiness.   This is a birdseye view and account of what its like to work there which will have to do until it opens in 2012 and we, the great unwashed can visit the viewing platforms on the 30th floor and possibly even the top floor (according to BH) although another source tells me that the penthouse flat (wraparound) has already been sold for a cool £20m...

(Picture:  Susannah Ireland)


  1. Yes BM, I ADORE the Shard too! Breathtaking bit of confidence. But am a bit worried that some of southwark's beautiful old buildings will be swamped by the (inevitable??) procession of not-quite-as-tall buildings that follow.

  2. I for sure will not be able to go up as I have suffered from Vertigo for a good 20 years. But having been up to the top of the eiffel tower which I am sure is far smaller I can imagine it will be impressive. All I can say from my living room window it looks amazingly impressive x I agree with Vanessa though it may mean a lot more of them appear taking away from the historical side of Southwark x