Monday, 5 July 2010

The Revolutionary Communist Party

Interesting piece in the current issue of the London Review of Books by Jenny Turner about the RCP and its activities, specifically the activities of Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas) and regular panellist on Question Time  and Prof. Frank Furedi, who, from time to time provides fodder for the Daily Mail of the 'Outraged of Tunbridge Wells' variety.

BM and Frank Furedi have a bit of a history since back in the day when she was a practising Solicitor, acting on behalf of injured workers, Mr Furedi was putting himself about as a sage on the risk of 'Health & Safety gone mad' following the publication of his book 'Courting Mistrust: The Hidden Growth of a Culture of Litigation in Britain', (Centre for Policy Studies, 1999) and several articles in the national media at that time. 

BM's response at the time was featured in the trade magazines 'Hazards' and 'Occupational Health', which we won't go into now save to say that workers' rights have been hard fought and won but despite this, workplace injury is far from uncommon and the litigation which ensues is often lengthy with no guarantee of success.  Any compensation recovered is often poor consolation for the long-term consequences of an injury or work-acquired illness.

So it was a surprise to learn of Dr Furedi's past and current connection to the RCP.  Not sure what to make of it except to consider the delicious irony of his views being lapped up by the tabloids.

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