Monday, 26 July 2010

Poor neglected blog...

BM has been UNBELIEVABLY busy over the past 2 weeks or so, hence the shocking lack of posts and general neglect.  But that's not to say that interesting snippets to share with you, dear reader have not forced their way into my crowded consciousness during the break - au contraire - as ever, and no doubt I am not alone in this, items for the blog and my failure to actually blog them, have contributed to the ever growing list of things to feel guilty about.  But no more, I'm back and ready to roll!  

For those who might not normally visit the right hand list of interesting places to pass the time, I would point out that I have made some changes.  Some sadly have gone and others, arrived.   A Bloomsbury Life in particular is like nourishment for the visual soul, with pictues like this one of the work of UK guerilla gardener and artist,  Anna Garforth.  Why haven't I seen more of this and how come an American lady (much as I worship her) is the one drawing attention to her work ?

and up close...

(All photos Anna Garforth via A Bloomsbury Life)

You's a living thing...moss, suddenly beautiful.

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