Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A child of the universe

Been a bit bogged down with work and other commitments over the past few days hence the lack of posts.  In addition, although lots of issues have prompted an inner debate, (eg Roman Polanski affair, Zenna Atkins' comments on incompetent teachers) to be completely honest I'm not sure that I have anything fresh to add by blogging about them.  Although they do make me cross. 

So, I thought instead I would share with you the site linked to on the right, Sagan's Brain, which at times like this when I am slightly preoccupied with the everyday and stressed about things I cannot control,  allows me to escape out into the wider universe....and wonder.......

When I've caught up with what the universe has been up to, I feel a fresh sense of perspective dawning.  Although I've always been interested in space and science, Sagan's Brain is the first site I've come across which is quite accessible to a non-scientist.  And by way of final recommendation, the younger Dr Who aficionado of the household is also a fan.  What greater recommendation is there?


  1. Glad you like it. The DW fans would probably enjoy some of the photos too.