Monday, 11 March 2013

In praise of...Dermot O'Leary

So, somewhere during the past 3-4 years it turns out that I became middle-aged.  I listen to Radio 2.  Mostly on a Saturday.  But guess what - R2 on a Saturday is really good!  Graham Norton in the morning and Dermot in the afternoon.

Dermot was unknown to me until, following my return to work, I found myself driving around on Saturday afternoons, and needing some light entertainment, so I tuned into R2.  Like I say, I needed some 'light' entertainment, work is serious enough.  Only, Dermot's show is thoughtful and seriously musical and fun and interesting and has introduced me to music I would not ordinarily have heard of or bothered to try.

So go on, tune in on Saturdays 3-6pm, surprise yourself and be surprised.

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