Saturday, 5 November 2011


The annual BM christmas cake mixing session is nearly upon us.  But this year, we are confounded by choice; whether to go with the tried and tested (ie sticky pages) Delia Complete Cookery Course recipe or these tempting time-savers:-

1.  I give you Delia's pre-measured Christmas Cake Mix from Waitrose 

Waitrose Delia's classic Christmas cake box image
But it is £10 and you still have to buy eggs, plus icing etc


2.  Competition from the venerable Mary Berry for Tesco Finest, with her Christmas Cake mix in a less attractive bag.  It is also £10.00 but it contains marzipan and icing sugar and tells you clearly on the bag, exactly what additional stuff you need to buy.  

Sadly no photos of Mary's product, because the Tesco site won't let me copy it.  

Even though I scoff at the idea of having it all weighed out for you, partly because it takes some of the fun out of it for the children, I have to say, it probably makes more sense than ending up with leftover sultanas, raisins and mixed peel knocking about a cupboard for months afterwards destined (eventually) for the bin.

So while the Eurozone may be collapsing, there's a dearth of any meaningful political leadership about and a disconnect between what people want and the political will to reform financial markets...BM takes refuge in cake-making.   

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  1. Tesco Mary Berry Xmas cake - genius in a bag as far as im concerned.... no more wasted ingredients and unlike the Waitrose version, its all in there!