Saturday, 6 August 2011

Who owns feminism?

That's what occurred to me today when I read the piece written by Julia Raeside in today's Guide supplement, ostensibly reviewing TV shows by Cherry Healey and Dawn Porter (here I have to confess an interest as Dawn is a neighbour).  It was a very personal poisonous rant about 2 women who make shows of which she is contemptuous...on the basis that they are somehow false feminists.

I felt a bit angry for Dawn and also sad that in 2011 there are women who don't fully understand what seems to me to be self-evident - that the whole point of feminism is to be the kind of woman you want to be.

Not the sort of woman who is defined by men; or by intellectuals of either gender or just by poisonous TV reviewers.

Poison is an easy way to grab some attention I suppose and it certainly works at the Daily Mail (Jan Moir).  But I didn't think or expect to find it in the Guardian.  Perhaps it was a sort of job interview for the DM?  Let's hope so!

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