Monday, 25 October 2010

Back in the game

A lot has happened over the past 10 days or so, perhaps the most significant development being my return to full-time employment...well, the certainty of it at any rate.  For now, I can plan the last few weeks of this life whilst preparing for something entirely different.

Although I have had serious crises of confidence about my ability to return to the fray/pitch (oops, losing the game metaphor now) I have nevertheless managed to persuade some very nice people in the City that I've still got it and what's more, they need me.    So phase 2, and my favourite part, will involve kit and more specifically, acquiring it.  A very good and wise friend of mine maintains that getting the kit right is more than half the battle, since it will not only give you confidence but also instill confidence in others. 

So that's the fun part.  The trickier issues will involve childcare, managing my voluntary commitments, some of which inevitably will have to go and I suppose ultimately it means altering the nature of my relationships including friendships.   It will be a process of change for all of us but I can honestly say that I am excited at the prospect. 

For now though, I'm going to focus on phase 2 as above and get shopping.


  1. Well done BM (sorry wanted to write you name but have kept your anonimity, bad speller sorry) I see an abundance of confidence in your approach to life. Enjoy your phase 2 glad to see you have your priorities in life straight. If I can ever help out with childcare let me know x

  2. Hi BM, congratulations and well done. We have every confidence in you. Enjoy phase 2!!!!

  3. fantastic news, when do you start? and may I join with pascale to say, we happy to pick up kids etc, just ask.