Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BM...out and about

Yesterday we visited Bradford-upon-Avon - by canal boat or should that be 'launch' ? This is how we travelled

It was a certain person's 70th birthday hence the balloons and gift bags. 
Along the way, we passed by this noble bird

We navigated through this very narrow lock and bridge

and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere 

Lovely and sloow way to travel.  Lots of fun with the steering.   There were no accidents.  Some running alongside on the towpath but no-one fell in.  Remarkable and sort of cheering I suppose, how busy it was on a Tuesday...albeit in August.
The birthday person, who is a bit of an expert on all things maritime and inland waterways too, gave a gentle history lesson to the younger generation on the type and variety of canal boats we saw.  Observed the usual courtesy between canalboaters along the waterway, although I suppose given the leisurely pace, it would be hard to pass within 4 inches of another slow-moving boat without saying something friendly.   At least all of ours were friendly.  

 We stopped for lunch at the Lock Inn Cafe (highly recommended) and then executed a neat 18 point turn mid-canal to make our way back to base.  

Lovely day.  Home in Bermondsey by 8.30pm - London traffic is so quiet in August ... 

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic day out! I love the pics. We spot the Herons in Southwark Park they are very grand considering they reside in inner city London!